vrplay app design

Project Description

VRplay is about providing what’s best in VR today, whether it’s the apps, the reviews or the news about VR hardware. vrplay is a VR store that will gather as many VR apps as possible (hopefully all of them) no matter the platform they’re created for. Currently there are vr app stores specially created for a particular platform (Oculus, Vive, cardboard, etc) and the vrplay.io store will bring all of them together. The main idea behind vrplay.io is that VR developers for all platforms can upload their work on a single site; users, as well, can search for a specific app or browse through their favorite category/genre on a single platform.

Project Details

Client: vrpaly
Date 15.02.2017
Skills Branding, Web Design, App Design
View vrplay.io

You can view hundreds of VR apps, choose an one, play the main movie, see the pictures, read the reviews, install it, scroll it, review it.