One of the most difficult parts of launching a website is choosing who to work with. Whether you choose to work with a freelancer web designer or a web design agency, the portfolio, experience,marketing knowledge and SEO are the elements that can influence your decision.

Finding a web design agency that meets all of your requirements is not an easy task nowadays. This is due not only to the variety of the market but also to the quality standards that any website must meet. If you’ve come into contact with representatives of web design agencies, you’ve certainly noticed that these standards are different, just like the way you work, the time of a project, professionalism, experience and costs.

You not sure what your expectations should be when you work with a web design agency?

Here are few condition your freelancer or web agency should meet:

Owns a portfolio of live websites
The portfolio of a web design agency must necessarily include functional websites that are currently used. Otherwise, you should ask yourself a question mark.

A rich portfolio shows a rich experience in both web design and customer relationships.

Longevity gives the agency credibility.
As complex as the vision of a newly established agency, the lack of experience can translate into important loopholes, such as the ability to relate to customers, understand their needs, and adapt to them regardless of requirements.

Checks the year of set-up, as well as the years of programmer’s experience within the selected agency.
Experienced web designers have to be aware of the latest online environment requirements have marketing knowledge and SEO. They also need to be familiar with the concept of conversion to create a fair and attractive site structure, an efficient, easy-to-use navigation system, and the right call-to-action buttons.
A good webdesigner is always aware of the latest trends.
A web design agency with an extremely rich experience but a portfolio that includes traditional, outdated or non-web site browsers, users and publishers can not offer you what you need. So it’s important to make sure that web designers you work with constantly inform and apply the latest concepts when building new sites.

You need to understand what responsive design is and you have check if your chosen designers has something like that in their portfolio.
Responsive design, which adapts its shape, size, style and navigation system to the size of the device screen, is an essential factor for any newly created site. The web design agency you collaborate with must know that this is not an option but a necessity.

How do you decide what is the best web design agency for you?
For your site to get the shape, structure and dynamics you need, you need to find a web design agency that meets all of your requirements but also the market.
Therefore, you must know that:

  • The best web designers are curious to find out what your ideas are but while having them in mind they don’t fail explaining what is good or wrong in them.
  • The good designer has your purpose in mind but also the good quality and standards of the final product, they should have the abilities to communicate the pros and cons and help you make the right decisions.
  • Web design agencies delivering excellent results are not cheap, on the contrary.
  • Experienced web designers have a rich portfolio and will never be reluctant to show it.
  • The agencies you can trust are those that build a site that always includes a content management system (CMS), that gives you the ability to make any changes in the future;
  • Experienced agencies have to know your business goals to give you the best results.


Are not you sure you know what you’re looking for yet?

We offer you advice: orientate yourself according to the agency’s mentality, working methods, promptness in responses, and the most diversified portfolio. Good communication is one of the factors that weigh the most in a successful collaboration with a web design agency.